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The power of AI- and Quant-assisted
trading at your fingertips

Equitysmith is dedicated to delivering the industry’s best trading technologies to our clients. Whether you’re an expert trader, retail investor, or simply want to enhance your gains and grow your wealth, look to us for solutions.

Our team of market analysts, bot developers, and investment strategists are dedicated to delivering the power of unfair advantage to you personally, improving trading accuracy for lower risk and better, more predictable gains.

Find out how to get the Equitysmith Advantage working for you.


With human ingenuity and infinite computational resources available to you,
suddenly everything is possible

In our mission to level the playing field for retail investors and passive traders, Equitysmith is harnessing quantitative analysis to fundamentally alter the landscape of stock trading and investing. We are bringing a data-driven, objective, and systematic approach to the world of finance, all in service of reshaping how investors make decisions, manage risks, and optimize their portfolios.

The future holds exciting possibilities with the boundless power of quantitative analysis in your hands to help meet your personal investment objectives.

Our mission is putting unfair competitive advantages at your fingertips.

Put the power of reliably higher daily gains and best-ever trading accuracy to work for you

The Equitysmith TaaS Platform is coming soon

Begin your journey with an early preview of our trading bots and
customizable investment tools.

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The DNA of Equitysmith TaaS

Milestones in AI and Quantitative Research In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantitative analysis, several