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We empower passive investors with every advantage they need to succeed

Equitysmith is a disruptive, first-to-market Blockchain based investment platform engineered to provide an exceptional investing experience. Our patent-pending three-step customer onboarding process enables users to seamlessly create an account, submit KYC documents, and fund their investing activities in just minutes – all without a crypto wallet or offshore Forex broker account.

By delivering a frictionless investing experience backed by best-in-class trading bot technologies, and more effective wealth creation opportunities, the future of blockchain-based DeFi investing is within reach.


Instant access to the markets
with just one easy-to-manage account

Despite the growing availability of ‘trading bots’, most consumers aren’t benefiting from them due to the significant learning curve and necessity of having trading expertise. Equitysmith leverages the best trading bot technology to deliver high returns with lower risk in the crypto and Forex markets, putting better, more profitable experience investing within reach of everyone.

We intend to level the playing field for investors and serve as a go-to financial services resource for millions of consumers in key markets around the world.

The DNA of Equitysmith TaaS

Milestones in AI and Quantitative Research In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantitative analysis, several