Equitysmith Quant and AI Lab:
Turning research into results

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Quant (quantitative analysis) are distinct but related fields, each with its own focus, techniques, and applications in various domains. Over the past several decades, a myriad of breakthrough in computational science have produced milestones in AI and quantitative research, laying the groundwork for the transformative technologies and methodologies occurring at lightspeed today.

From expert systems to deep learning, from financial modeling to quantum computing, these achievements continue to drive innovation and shape the future of AI and Quant research. The journey is far from over, and the future promises even more remarkable milestones that will redefine the possibilities of these fields.

Equitysmith is proud to play a role in applying these mind-bending capabilities to trading, investing, and wealth management, all in service of helping our customers reach their highest aspirations.

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Equitysmith is dedicated to contributing to the research currently underway across the globe to apply AI and Quantitative analysis to the processing-intensive data management required to achieve the next generation of financial services. Working with collaborators and partners in industry, universities, and independent research centers, we’re participating in a broad spectrum of open-source projects focused on portfolio optimization, risk management, algorithmic trading, and advanced trading strategies.

Our involvement in a diverse set of beta testing programs and homegrown software development efforts is directed at one paramount objective: to better serve our customers and ensure they gain an unfair competitive edge in the financial markets in which they trade and engage.